Friday, 15 November 2013

Celebrating Young Heroes

Last night I really enjoyed the opportunity to get properly dressed up: dust off my posh frock, polish my high heels and break out the Gok Wan shapewear!

The event? The Pride of Plymouth Awards at the Duke of Cornwall Hotel celebrating the difference that individuals and groups can make in their communities.

There were some truly amazing people who had been nominated for awards but those that will stick in my mind will, of course, be the Young Heroes - age 4 to 16. I think it was completely the right decision of the judges to make all the nominees winners - as how you would ever differentiate them - well who only knows!

It really reminded me not just how courageous children and young people can be, but how amazing and different they all are! It's not just that they do amazing things that are micro-versions of adult behaviour, but that they bring their own brand of courage and behaviour.


Sunday, 12 May 2013

Always a Mother

Is it the case that once you become a mother it becomes your absolute default position? You're a mother. Full stop. Period.

What set me wondering was reading two books, one immediately after the other, where there was a minor but significant character who was a mother, and in both books it was that character who sang to me, whose emotions I experienced, whose values mirrored my own. For whom I cried. 

Is this because I'm a mother? Did becoming a mother change who I am so fundamentally? Of course it did. But did it also blot out all else? 

Notions of identity fascinate me. I am a mother. Will that be the case for ever? What happens when my children move away and form their own lives? Will it still be my primary identity? Right now I feel it will be. It seems so immense so important. Is this normal? What is normal? (Ha!) 

How do other mothers feel?

Monday, 6 May 2013

Bank Holiday Weekend!

Happiness is sand in your shoes, the smell of fried fish mingled with sun-warmed skin and two sleepy heads in the back seats of the car